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Security & Surveillance Cameras

Specializing in high quality security cameras. Both HD and IP (Internet Protocol). Expert Installations for single family home up to Corporate Offices and Hotels

Your Eye & Ears While You're Away From Home Or Business

our products

Platinum HD-TVI Varifocal Turret Camera 2.1MP - White

HD Dome & Bullet

HD TVI Camera graded for interior and exterior usage. Comes in white, gray and charcoal. Equipped with infrared night vision. Dome and bullet. 

IP Camera Systems

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Our standard DVR is


Interior & Exterior

No job is too big, no job is too small. Clean professional work using today's most cutting edge technology.

IP Cameras

Internet Protocol (IP) Camera technology makes it possible to integrate more than 100 cameras on an installation. All tied into the network.

Full Coverage

24/7 recording

What’s the difference between TVI & SDI? 

SDI is an older video language used for television filming started many years ago. It delivers a great video picture but it has been known to have its problems over the years.

TVI is a different video technology created to be a replacement for the problems SDI cameras were known to have. TVI is a more durable camera for a lot less money with a great picture. For homes and smaller multiple homes we recommend TVI systems.

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About us

In business for more than 10 years with hundreds of installations through out greater Los Angeles county and California. The best camera systems programming in the state. trusted by single family homes, large residential complexes such as Bel-Air and large international Hotel chains such as the W in Hollywood and West LA. We know our business so you get real professional service

Free Estimates

Whether its for a home for or a warehouse or multi-floor office complex, we will come to that location and walk to property with you to learn what your security and surveillance needs are. We make professional suggestions and provide you with an estimate for the job. You will know what to expect for your installation. Call for your free estimate 818-885-1100

System Options

  • TVI HD & IP
  • Full HD Cameras & DVRs
  • Hi-Tech IP Cameras & NVRs
  • Wireless Antenna Connections

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